Please sign-up your kids for Bhogi Pandlu/Gooseberries

Neighbors are invited to home and Bhogi pandlu/gooseberries shower is grandly celebrated by indians according to Indian traditions.

Let’s have a look about this story…

Story 1:

Lord Vishnu worship gooseberry tree is one of concepts in Hindu rituals. Following this, Indians shower gooseberries on children as indication of vishnu blessings to children. This is continuing as these gooseberries are available in sankranthi season in India.

Scientific Reasons:
1. Goose berry tree is orign from india. It can with stand baring any temperature.
2. As these contain vitamin C. This helps in increasing of resistance power.
3. Mari gold flowers also mixed with this to avoid attack of germs.

Story 2:

The elderly members of the family, friends / neighbors who are invited, take hands full of  ‘bhogi pandlu’ and place these or pour these on the child’s head. This is actually a way of warding off ‘dishti/nazar’ i.e evil eye on the children, if any. Small children are easily prone to evil eyes because of which they often suffer from ill health, though scientifically their body takes time to adapt to the surroundings. It is believed that Bhogi pandlu protects children from evil eye.

Please sign-up your kids.

Date: January 18th, 2020

Time: 11:30 am – 12 pm

Contact phone number  (501) 618- 5378

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