Samuhika Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja and Kaarthika Maasa Dheepotsavam


When – Nov 4th, 2017 (Saturday) evening at 7pm

Sponsorship – $51


Several devotee families approached for priest services on Kaarthika Poornima (full moon) day for Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja.  We would like to provide an environment where the interested devotee families can perform the Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja as if they were doing the Pooja at home with the priest’s guidance.

 The devotees will bring the items listed below for the Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja and will perform the Pooja along with the priest at VCC.

 Items to Bring

1.       Pasupu (Turmeric) – 50 grams

2.       Kumkum – 50 grams

3.       Rice – 3 Kgs

4.       Raw Vakkalu (Raw Betel nuts) – 15

5.       Kajjuram (dried dates) – 15

6.       Coconuts – 6

7.       Fruits

8.       Flowers (12 to 15 flowers)

9.       Thamalapaakulu (Pan Leaves) – 25

10.   Cloth – Cloth for placing the rice for the pooja

11.   Blouse Piece – 1

12.   Coins (Quarters) – 25

13.   Mixed Panchamrutham (will be provided by VCC)

14.   Kalasham – 1

15.   Agarbathi (Incense Sticks) – 6

16.   Karpuram (Camphor) – 10 grams

17.   Aarthi holder or plate

18.   Kankanam (will be provided by VCC)

19.   Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Picture

20.   Any type of God Prathima (Silver or Gold God’s Prathima or coin – Roopu)

21.   Prasadam (Dry Sooji / Semolina based Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja prasadam)

22.   Empty paper plates – 2 (will be provided by VCC)

23.   Nava Dhanyam (will be provided by VCC)

24.   Dheepam Kundhi (silver or brass kundhi for the light)

25.   Clay Dheepam Kundhi / Pramidha for Dheepotsavam (will be provided by VCC)

26.   Oil for Dheepam (will be provided by VCC)

Contacts for sponsorship and questions

Please inform either the following contacts (text message preferred) or use the provided link to sign up by end of the day Thursday (11/2).

Priest Sheshachari Garu: 501-618-5378

Srinivas Kolluru: 501-920-9096

Link for signup for-karthika-masam-pooja/? sheet_id=32

Seating Arrangement – First come, first serve

                Seating of the sponsors will start at 6:45pm on Nov 4th.


1.       Can we come and see the Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja without sponsoring?

        Ans: Yes.  All devotees are welcome to come and witness the Pooja.

2.       I am unable to get some of the items listed for Pooja what can I do?

        Ans: Please contact Priest Sheshachari garu for alternates or minimum requirements.

3.       How can I pay the sponsorship money?

        Ans: Give the check (on VSA name) to the contacts listed above or pay using Paypal using the following link.

4.       Will there be dinner after the Pooja?

       Ans: Maha Prasadam (Potluck) would be served after the Pooja.  Please see the Evite for potluck items.

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