VSA welcomes all the devotees to perform or attend pujas and arti at Vedant Cultural Center (VCC) with priest Sh. Sheshachari Tiruvaimudi, an Agama and Vedic scholar. The priest will be conducting pujas at the VCC and at the devotees’ homes.
All are invited for the prayers and pujas to be performed at the Center.

Poojas at Vedant Cultural Center:

Sunday:Arti at 12:00 PM

Some of the Priest’s Services:

Event & Poojas At VCC At Home
Archana (astothara shatha nama 108) $11 NA
Nitya Archana – One month $31 NA
Nitya Archana – Three months $51 NA
Nitya Archana – Six months $101 NA
Nitya Archana – One year $151 NA
One year for member family $116 NA
Abhishekam (one diety) $101 $151
Kalyanotsavam $101 $151
Satayanarayan Pooja $101 $151
Homam,navagraha,vasthu,ayoushya,ganapathi etc (All type) $101 $151
Vahan Pooja $51 NA
Navagraha Pooja $51 $101
Bhoomi Pooja NA $151
Grah Parvesham w/o homam NA $251
Grah Parvesham with homam or Satyanarayan Pooja NA $301
Nischithardham (Engagement) $151 $201
Vivaham (Wedding) $351 $501
Seemantham (Baby Shower) $101 $151
Naamkarnam (Baby’s naming) $51 $101
Ayusha Pooja (Birthday Blessings) $51 $101
Anna Prasanam (Baby’s first feeding) $51 $101
Kesa Khandnam (Hair offering) $51 $101
Aksharabhyasam (Baby’s education) $51 $101
Upanayanam (Sacred thread ceremony) $151 $251
Shashtyabda Poorthi (60th Birthday) $121 $201
Shraddam with homam NA $151
Hiranya shradham $51 $101
Antha Kriya (Last Rites) NA $301
Any two Poojas (Need to be performed in the same visit) $151 $251
Samoohik Satyanarayan Pooja sponsorship $31 NA
Samoohik Kalyanam sponsorship $51 NA
Samoohik Abhishekam $31 NA

Please note that these prices are same for members and non-members.


For questions, suggestions, and comments, please email to vsalrservices@gmail.com

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